Sony Continues Powering Creativity at BroadcastAsia 2020

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Asia Pacific, 29 September 2020 –  At BCA 2020, Sony continues the conversation with our customers and partners, to better understand needs and challenges in order to find ways to jointly approach and address requests that help customers move forward in the new normal.

“At Sony, everything we do is driven by our desire to help customers to realize their creative vision. This pushes us to look into ways that provide them with real return on investment, helping them to make the most of their ideas with our wide array of tools and technologies.” Takuma Wada, Head of Content Creation Solutions Marketing, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited.

Meeting Varying Needs in the New Normal

With content creation changing to meet greater demand, Sony is supporting this change in every way possible by acting as the bridge between creators and audience. Committed to drive for results, we are in lockstep with the industry to help support our customers and partners with the answers to help them thrive in a radically transformed world.

Spanning across 29 – 30 September, Sony has put together a series of webinars, where our product experts will share detailed insights on the latest in the areas of news gathering, media, live broadcast productions as well as education and corporate, including:

  • Discover the latest from our full-frame imaging tools, VENICE and FX9 that achieve the cinematic look for both big and small screens
  • Find out how our latest PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 TRIMASTER monitors assist in making critical imaging decisions and faithful colour matching throughout the workflow
  • Hear about how you can match beautiful pictures with exceptional sound to create an immersive experience for audiences, on the go with the PXW-Z280 and UWP D series
  • Learn about the latest from Sony’s IP Live Production solutions that achieve maximum performance and return on investment, allowing you to engage audience live anywhere
  • Hear about how our Optical Disc Archive solutions can boost the profitability of your business, ensuring that your data is in good hands, today and tomorrow
  • Find out how our creative solutions equip you with the power to reach every audience in any environment remotely in education and corporate spaces
  • Understand how we transform the quality and realism of your visual communications in a wide range of environments where uncompromising image brightness, clarity, colour and contrast are paramount.

To access and register for the individual sessions, please click here.

Unforgettable Moment Winner Revealed

As we continue our efforts to empower content creatives in perfecting their art, we held the Unforgettable Moment video contest earlier, where everyday storytellers could express their world of emotions through the power of creativity and technology. We are pleased to announce that the regional winner goes to Oman Dhas from Singapore, with his entry – The Fish Soup.

“I’m extremely happy to win the competition,” said Oman. “The Fish Soup essentially is a light-hearted short film. I wanted to make a film about food and when I think about (the) sting from chilli, I wanted to describe that moment. And, I recalled an experience when I was very young, getting caned. I used these personal experiences and put in an element of forgiveness in the film because essentially, I think food brings people together.”

“Our next upcoming project is a documentary film,” highlighted Danny Goh, DP of the winning short film . “ And we look forward to trying the rugged Sony FS7 II.”


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